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Here you'll find information on changing blades, safety instructions, and other helpful tips.



View InstructionsSafety and Instructional Information (online version)
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View OHS PosterGeneral Operation and Workplace Safety (printable version - 11 x 17")
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Strap Assembly - Video

Pre-installed (Right Hand)

  • Righthanded users attach strap to the right side (logo side). Insert the bottom of the strap through the strap holder with the Velcro facing away from the unit and pull down until the opening at the top of the strap is close the strap holder.  Now feed the bottom of the strap through the opening all the way and pull to secure.  Now simply feed the bottom of the strap up through the left side strap holder, slide finger through opening and adjust to desired fit.
  • Lefthanded users - attach strap to the left side and feed up through right side.
  • Use caution and Do Not tighten strap too much. A nice snug fit is all that’s required.

Changing the Blade - Video

No tools required

  • Remove the orange cap from the FingerBlade
  • Carefully remove the old blade. Remember blades are extremely sharp, please handle & dispose with care and keep away from children.
  • Carefully replace with new blade by inserting and lining up the hole in blade against the blade slider.
  • Replace the cap, by putting overtop of the blade and blades slider, then push forward snapping it back into place.

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